Uniting Europe and Asia, modernity and tradition, past and present


ISTANBUL: It’s one of the most versatile cities in the world. Uniting Europe and Asia, modernity and tradition, past and present; some parallels to our MIZAAN FALL WINTER COLLECTION 2015/2016.

We have classic cotton scarves meet with quality lace trims. Chic coats and ponchos made of pure wool combined with playful details and elements. The first MIZAAN-handbags are made of experimental materials adding a unique touch to the versatile collection.
mizaan_polaroids_0008_Ebene 3About three weeks before the shoot, we announced our search for models with Istanbul being the location.

Within the first few days, we were overwhelmed with the number of applicants. Some of them local, others agreed to travel just for the shoot. That kind of determination and commitment was the most beautiful feedback our team could have received from the applicants. We are thankful for each and every one of them. Making the final decision on the model was not an easy task for us!

On the big day there was a fitting combined with studying Istanbul’s city map and various places Istanbul has to offer. Each outfit got its own location. On the day of the shoot, our team of 5 worked our way through Istanbul.

The team at the set:

Our designer Meriem Lebdiri managed the shoot and model-coaching.mizaan_polaroids_0009_Ebene 4
Selma Lebdiri was responsible for the photo-and videoproduction.
The behind-the-scenes-photography was contributed by Büsra Kaya. 
Our team-assistant Su Eda Demir was an excellent support, especially at the styling
Model Hacer B. did an awesome job as the face of the new collection.
 The final results are awesome. Besides the photos of the collection and a diverse BtS-Photogallery, we made two videos: an official „MIZAAN in ISTANBUL“ trailer and another BtS-video (coming soon), which gives you some exclusive insights behind the scenes of the shoot.

We want to thank all participants, families, friends and great supporters of this project!